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  • n. Plural form of assassination.


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  • Did you get any indication from the Israelis that they would stop what you call assassinations, what they call targeted killings?

    CNN Transcript Jun 15, 2003

  • Since Ford had used the word assassinations, we assumed we were looking for persons who had been murdered—possibly persons who had died under suspicious circumstances.

    Staying Tuned

  • The only way to stop these "narcotic assassinations" is to take out drug gangs through long-term narcotics operations, Mr. McCarthy said.

    Newark's Top Cop Faces Hurdles

  • Israel Defense Force Sayeret Matkal Branch — Sayeret Matkal is a deep-penetration unit that has been involved in assassinations, the theft of foreign (US) defense, financial, industrial and diplomatic secrets and the theft and destruction of foreign weapons and research facilities.

    Now You Can Be Sure: Jews Did 9/11 | Disinformation

  • Or is that beneath the grandeur of UNC Law Professors – unlike secret phone call assassinations?

    “Is That Legal?” admits repressing!

  • Or is that beneath the grandeur of UNC Law Professors � unlike secret phone call assassinations? Blog Articles

  • But after the killing of the Kandahar mayor, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan Ryan Crocker said the assassinations are a sign of Taliban weakness, not strength.

    Political Settlement of Afghan War Seen as Tricky

  • Where are we, as we impose sanctions on Iran and North Korea (and threaten worse), while sending our latest wonder weapons, pilotless drones armed with bombs and missiles, into Pakistan's tribal borderlands, Yemen, and who knows where else, tasked with endless "targeted killings" which, in blunter times, used to be called assassinations?

    Chalmers Johnson: The Guns of August: Lowering the Flag on the American Century

  • Very enjoyable, if it's appropriate to say you enjoyed reading about three presidential assassinations, that is.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Flowing from the assassinations are the race riots, the destruction of the black nationalist movement, the machinations of COINTELPRO, and the election of Richard Nixon, pictured as a pawn of both Howard Hughes and the Mafia.

    Fever Dreams of Your FBI


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