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  • adj. Harmonious; agreeing.

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  • adj. Agreeing; correspondent; harmonious; consonant; in keeping with; agreeable with; concordant with; concordant to

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  • adj. Agreeing; correspondent; harmonious; consonant.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Agreeing; agreeable; correspondent; suitable; harmonious.
  • In music, consisting of a concord, or having the effect of one. See concord, 3, and consonant, a., 1.

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  • adj. in keeping
  • adj. being of the same opinion


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English concordaunt, from Old French concordant, from Latin concordāns, concordant-, present participle of concordāre, to agree, from concors, concord-, agreeing; see concord.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Latin concordans, present participle of concordare: compare French concordant. See concord.


  • It was clear to a mind so acute as Bruno's that the dogmas of the Church were correlated to a view of the world which had been superseded; and he drew the logical inference that they were at bottom but poetical and popular adumbrations of the Deity in terms concordant with erroneous physical notions.

    Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2 The Catholic Reaction

  • Overall, the Knights Templar is a "concordant" body of the Masons.


  • Still, how strangely concordant that the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson and his American counterpart Paul Strand should both have been roaming Mexico's ancient towns at roughly the same time, unbeknownst to one another.

    Two Sides of the Same Coin

  • To opine for 427 words (yes, I counted) about the war's deep costs to our economy and the concordant need to limit it's impact and then try to get away with redefining your promise to as little as a two-percent cost reduction qualifies as used-car hucksterism of the lowest sort -- the kind that tricks people into a product that kills lots of people and leaves the survivors broke.

    Derrick Crowe: Who's the Huckster for This High-Interest War?

  •  So concordant with the air in this place, with the breath from her body, he isn't sure that he can breathe on the other side.


  • Rather, what makes this group special is the way it forges a sweetly concordant sound from a set of significantly different voice types.

    Anonymous 4's unique gifts shine in 'Noel' concert

  • This reflects perhaps a culture of neutrality in matters that are religious, which is seen to be in the spirit of Alfred Nobel himself, and is very concordant with a Norwegian discretion about religious allegiance.

    Katherine Marshall: Faith, Peace And The Nobel: A Conversation With Former Bishop Of Oslo Gunnar Stalsett

  • That most painful time of our history, and the concordant suffering of both the victims of the war and the tragedy of the post-war African-American experience, should be studied and brought to the fore.

    Robert Mackey: 150th Civil War Sequiscentennial

  • Regardless of other issues that a nuclear conflict short of a massive exchange would cause (such as damage to the nation's electronic infrastructure from electromagnetic pulses from the blasts to even a small amount of nuclear soot being shoved into the atmosphere, and the concordant drop in global temperatures, etc.), no minor nuclear power could destroy the United States without a massive, nation-ending counterattack from the Americans.

    Robert Mackey: The Only Real "Existential Threat": A Sane Path for Reducing Nuclear Arsenals

  • The Eastern Cascades Forest ecoregion delineated in this assessment is concordant with Omernik's ecoregion #9.

    Eastern Cascades forests


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