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  • n. A highway or section of a highway that passes around an obstructed or congested area.
  • n. A pipe or channel used to conduct gas or liquid around another pipe or a fixture.
  • n. A means of circumvention.
  • n. Electricity See shunt.
  • n. Medicine An alternative passage created surgically to divert the flow of blood or other bodily fluid or circumvent an obstructed or diseased organ.
  • n. Medicine A surgical procedure to create such a channel: a coronary artery bypass; a gastric bypass.
  • transitive v. To avoid (an obstacle) by using an alternative channel, passage, or route.
  • transitive v. To be heedless of; ignore: bypassed standard office procedures.
  • transitive v. To channel (piped liquid, for example) through a bypass.

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  • n. a road that passes around something, such as a residential area
  • n. a circumvention
  • n. a section of pipe that conducts a fluid around some other fixture
  • n. an electrical shunt
  • n. an alternative passage created to divert a bodily fluid around a damaged organ; the surgical procedure to construct such a bypass
  • v. to avoid an obstacle etc, by constructing or using a bypass
  • v. to ignore the usual channels or procedures


by- +‎ pass (Wiktionary)


  • First of all, the need for a bypass is a no-brainer.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • I think the Massey Rd. connector to the bypass is a great initiative, and will help with major event traffic quite a bit.

    UVa Building Arts Center at

  • I've also heard about a new Guadalajara bypass from the east end, heading toward hwy 15 to Colima ...?

    Lagos de Moreno to Ojuelos

  • The San Blas bypass is an option but might depend on time of day and where you want to stay.

    Page 2

  • LaHood said the bypass is one of 15,000 transportation projects that include updating 4,000 miles of road.

    Hoover Dam Bridge: New Bypass Soars Near Landmark

  • This bypass is not yet on the maps and will cut at least an extra hour from your trip.

    Crossing at Douglas/Naco, AZ

  • Those around Yeltsin blithely call the bypass surgery he needs routine, implying that after some period of convalescence he will be almost as good as new.

    Heart To Heart

  • But many of the people that had an old operation actually had an intestinal bypass, which is a totally different operation.

    CNN Transcript Aug 24, 2002

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  • I used the bypass switch to deactivate it...

    October 2, 2008