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  • proper n. The longest river in China that flows to the East China Sea north of Shanghai.

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  • n. the longest river of Asia; flows eastward from Tibet into the East China Sea near Shanghai


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From Mandarin 揚子江 / 扬子江 (Yángzǐ Jiāng), older Chinese name of the river.


  • Wednesday, searches for the term "Yangtze River" also come up blank, as did searches for a number of other Chinese rivers.

    China Censors Internet Rumors on Jiang's Health

  • I agree Stinky, but the Yangtze is the Yellow River.


  • Sanctuary Cruises Accommodations on the Yangzi Explorer -- which explores the river Westerners call the Yangtze -- vary from deluxe cabins that are merely spacious (31 square meters) to master suites that could hold three deluxe cabins with room to spare (110 square meters).

    Current Events

  • The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world, running 6,211 kilometers (3,860 miles) from Qinghai Province in the Tibetan Plateau to the East China Sea near Shanghai.

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  • Our findings: Up the Yangtze is the only one that passes the Bechdel test.

    a very borgesian date night

  • Given the environmental havoc wreaked by the Three Gorges Dam (the World Wildlife Fund calls the Yangtze the world's "river most at risk" due to excessive damming), the stump is a potent -- though unintended -- reminder of the costs of China's rise.


  • But to learn more about China and Peace Corps, I ran out and bought Peter Hessler's book, River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze, which is all about his two years teaching university-level English with the PC.

    interesting turn of events

  • The noise in the Yangtze was a major problem for the dolphins, and severely interfered with their echolocation.

    Last Chance to See

  • Rapids flow past the Ox Island Hill on the Yangtze, which is not to be confused with the Ox Hill at the Yangtze Gorges.

    Fir-Flower Tablets: Poems Translated From the Chinese

  • The deep valleys, hills densely covered in greenery and steep walls slicing into the muddy water of the Yangtze are a compelling sight. - Articles related to Floods continue to wreck havoc in Romania


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