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  • n. A meadow.


From Middle English legh, lege, lei "clearing, open ground" from Old English lēah "clearing in a forest" from Proto-Germanic *lauhō (“meadow”), from Proto-Indo-European *louk- (“field, meadow”). Akin to Old Frisian lāch "meadow", Old Saxon lōh "forest, grove" (Middle Dutch loo "forest, thicket"; Dutch -lo (in placenames)), Old High German lōh "covered clearing, low bushes", Old Norse "clearing, meadow". More at Waterloo. (Wiktionary)



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  • From The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia definition for Leigh:
    "n. A different spelling of lea, meadow or pasture, used as a suffix (-leigh, also -ley, -ly) in English place-names, especially in Devonshire: as, Chudleigh, Chulmleigh, Calverleigh.
    n. An obsolete preterit of lie."

    June 3, 2014