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abduct +‎ -ee (Wiktionary)


  • Stories of abductions - while most were either fantasies, nightmares, or memory screens for other events in the so called abductee's childhood - continued to abound.

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  • Of course, some readers will assume that I'm an "abductee" in denial.

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  • Frederick Crews [NYR, June 25] correctly states that whatever plausibility the alien-abduction hypothesis may have is due to the (allegedly) "otherwise unaccountable congruence of detail from one 'abductee' narrative to another," referring to this as "the classic sophistry of all ufologists."

    'When Words Collide': An Exchange

  • I do not identify myself as an "abductee," but more as an Articles

  • Tokyo certainly should not abandon the abductee issue, but it also should be willing to work on that problem in tandem with other security concerns that present an opportunity for Japan to make common cause with South Korea and the U.S. One such are would be the North's ongoing ballistic missile development program, which constitutes a far greater threat to Japan.

    Japan Needs a North Korea Reset

  • For example, if a given cable news channel started giving regular face time to alien abductee and alien conspiracy theorist proponents across a broad variety of shows, people would start to think there are a lot more of those folks than there are, and would take home the message that they should give some serious weight to those views.

    Think Progress » CNN’s Kyra Phillips apologizes for hosting discredited ‘ex-gay’ guest: He wasn’t an ‘appropriate’ choice.

  • I knew intellectually that women's breasts were designed for this natural purpose, of course, but the sight of this noisy, foreign apparatus mechanically sucking on my wife's breasts was so unexpected, so incongruous, that she might've been an abductee of aliens on a mission to extract Earthling female specimens before worm-holing back to their star system.

    Len Filppu: Parental Survival Tip # 1: Develop Mirth at Birth

  • Perhaps Japan, similarly entangled with North Korea over the abductee issue, can play the same mediating role now that the Democratic Party is at the helm in Tokyo.

    The Strange Case of Libya

  • Across the fields and huts of this country, a mass rebellion of abductee-brides has broken out over the past decade.

    Johann Hari: Kidnapped, Raped, Married: The Extraordinary Rebellion of Ethiopia's Abducted Wives

  • The abductee doesn't resist and actually shows signs of loyalty or care to the person who took them.

    Dr. Susan Albers: Abducted by an Eating Disorder


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