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  • n. The fundamental life force or energy.


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From Chinese Mandarin trad. , simpl. (pinyin: ).


  • Star Wars spirituality was grounded in Chinese "qi," the very energy of the universe.

    Foreign Policy In Focus

  • Knowing qi, feeling it, sensing it, you can learn what techniques and choices enhance it and allow it to flow freely (stagnant qi is seen as a source of disease) and you may find this sensitivity helps you stay healthy and enjoy life more.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: What Is Qi?

  • From the traditional Chinese medicine perspective, postpartum depression is due to the depletion of blood and qi from the process of giving birth.

    Sat Hon: Tao of Food: Ginger for the Common Cold and Postpartum Recovery

  • The Chinese call it qi, Obi-Wan Kenobi calls it the force and Tony Robbins calls it the Peak Mind State.

    Bloody Elbow

  • "The radiant heat produced by moxibustion," my therapist said, "penetrates deeply into the body to strengthen the blood, and restore the balance and flow of vital energy or life force called qi or ch'i."

    Hollye Harrington Jacobs: Exploring the World of Alternative Breast Cancer Treatments

  • According to the TCM view, a vital energy called qi flows through the body along channels called meridians.

    Arthur Rosenfeld: Should You Try Acupuncture?

  • High-Tech Tools Show How Acupuncture Works in Treating Arthritis, Back Pain, Other Ills. Acupuncture has long baffled medical experts and no wonder: It holds that an invisible life force called qi

    Decoding an Ancient Therapy

  • Hun Dun Yi Qi there is only one qi, which is Tao, 292

    Tao II

  • Hun Dun Yi Qi there is only one qi, which is Tao, 292, 293–94

    Tao II

  • It is also named yuan qi original qi, which is produced by Yuan Shen.

    Tao II


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