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  • noun A tree-lined avenue, often particularly one that is part of a landscaped garden


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From French allée ("path")


  • With one of her admirers she had soon formed a friendship that was the wonder of all who saw it: in deep respect the others drew back, forming a kind of allee, down which, with linked arms, the two friends sauntered, blind to everything but themselves. —

    The Getting of Wisdom

  • Bime by, allee same dlown, velly quick, you no bail now.

    White and Yellow

  • S'pose dog he walk about catch 'm kai-kai, you fella boy catch' m dog allee same one shark.

    Chapter 22

  • And plenty fella white marster make 'm big laugh along me, say Binu Charley allee same pickaninny -- my word, they speak along me allee same pickaninny.

    Chapter 23

  • "My word," said Binu Charley, "that fella spear allee same devil - devil."

    Chapter 24

  • Frances, I was wondering how far apart you planted your allee, when I was searching for spacing for the serviceberries, most sites recommended 6-10 feet.

    Whoa Nellie!* « Fairegarden

  • This must be the result of some extensive pruning of the dogwoods surrounding the pond, and the half allee of river birches that line the lower west side of the property along the fence line.

    Whoa Nellie!* « Fairegarden

  • FWIW, the original expression was "Allee allee, all's in free!"

    Another Poll Shows Matthews In Good Shape For Potential Senate Bid

  • Ja helkjaid laike pageb, varjud järgi, allee avausest üle rõske kruusa.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Ai membr wunce a cupl yeers agoa, ai wuz tryin too go too a consurt an mapkwest gived meh direkshuns too teh playce teh venue had used too be five yeers privius, wich wuz nao a yooth centar boaling allee.

    mapquest - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?


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