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  • adj. Informal Of or relating to agriculture or agricultural studies: ag students.

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  • n. Symbol for the attogram, an SI unit of mass equal to 10−18 grams.
  • interj. Expressing annoyance, remorse, surprise etc.; oh, ah.
  • abbr. Agriculture.


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From agriculture.

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From Afrikaans ag, from Dutch ach.


  • And so it was really a technology transfer in ag science from the earliest of days.

    4-H Clubs Conduct Nationwide Science Experiments

  • Dr. Kondonassis believed that productivity increases in ag would do more for a poor country than trying to build factories because most people work in ag in poor countries (about 80%) and their productivity is so low.

    Russell's Question, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Just one example is former La Plata County Commissioner J. Paul Brown, who is running for the Legislature on a platform of cutting federal spending, after taking over $175,000 in ag subsidies for his ranching operation in Southwestern Colorado.

    Shan Wells: Nut Sandwiches at the Tea Party Cafe

  • But you are correct that the priorities are usually warped in ag policy.

    Matthew Yglesias » Soda Lobbying

  • What's my word ag'in 'the word o' P.J. Madden -- an 'no other evidence to show?

    Dear Carl

  • Caitheamar an deireadh seachtaine siar i nGaillimh, mise ag freastal ar T�stal na Gaeilge agus � F�in ag baint taitneamh ar an aimsir �lainn le Garman.

    One of these days…

  • So 'n strategie moet al die feite in ag neem waardeur landelike gemeenskappe so kwesbaar gemaak word.

    Speech at the Launch of the Agri Securitas Project of the SAAU

  • Anybody that said a word ag'in 'her to him would have gone to the hospital.

    The Fighting Shepherdess

  • I won't say a word ag'in, even if I do think he treated ye dirthy.

    Charred Wood

  • Anyway, it was to raise the money to pay for our present, as far as it went -- and I want to tell you right now, Val, that you was sure the queen of the ball; everybody said you looked jest like a queen in a picture, and I never heard a word ag'inst your low-neck dress.

    Lonesome Land


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  • Ag. Chemical element symbol for Silver.

    December 16, 2007