from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • noun A checkmate.
  • transitive & intransitive verb To checkmate or achieve a checkmate.
  • noun One of a matched pair.
  • noun A spouse or romantic partner.
  • noun Either of a pair of birds or other animals that associate in order to propagate.
  • noun Either of a pair of animals brought together for breeding.
  • noun Either of a pair of plants, fungi, or other organisms that engage in sexual reproduction or conjugation with each other.
  • noun A person with whom one is in close association; an associate.
  • noun Chiefly British A good friend or companion.
  • noun A person with whom one shares living quarters. Often used in combination.
  • noun A deck officer on a merchant ship ranking next below the master.
  • noun A US Navy petty officer who is an assistant to a warrant officer.
  • intransitive verb To join closely or combine.
  • intransitive verb To cause to be united in marriage or a romantic sexual relationship.
  • intransitive verb To cause (organisms) to breed or bring (organisms) into close proximity for breeding.
  • intransitive verb To become joined in marriage or a romantic sexual relationship.
  • intransitive verb To be paired for reproducing; breed.
  • intransitive verb To engage in sexual reproduction or conjugation.

from The Century Dictionary.

  • Enfeebled; fatigued; spent.
  • Confounded; daunted; dismayed; dejected; cast down.
  • Overthrown; fallen; slain.
  • In logging, to place together in a raft (logs of similar size); match.
  • To join or match as a mate or as mates, as in marriage or other union.
  • To match one's self with or against; vie or cope with.
  • To be joined in companionship; form a union; pair: as, to mate with one's like; birds mate in spring.
  • noun A species of holly, Ilex Paraguayensis; also, its prepared leaves, or the tea-like beverage made from them.
  • noun In chess, the state of the king when he is in check and cannot move out of it, the player whose king is so placed losing the game.
  • noun A familiar associate or companion; one who is associated with another or others in habitual intercourse or action; a fellow; a comrade: often used as the second element in a compound, as in playmate, schoolmate, shipmate.
  • noun An equal; a match.
  • noun One of a pair; one who or that which corresponds to or is joined with another in a pair; one of a pair of mated persons or animals, male and female, or of matched things; one of two fellows: as, a conjugal mate or partner; these shoes are not mates.
  • noun A ship's officer whose duty it is to oversee the execution of the orders of the master or commander, or of his immediate superior.
  • noun In the United States navy, an officer of the line not in the line of promotion.
  • noun In geometry, the element that is paired with a given element in a correlation.
  • noun Same as congonha.
  • To defeat; daunt; confound; stupefy.
  • To be confounded.
  • To checkmate.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • transitive verb obsolete To confuse; to confound.
  • transitive verb To checkmate.
  • noun The Paraguay tea, being the dried leaf of the Brazilian holly (Ilex Paraguensis). The infusion has a pleasant odor, with an agreeable bitter taste, and is much used for tea in South America.
  • adjective obsolete See 2d mat.
  • transitive verb To match; to marry.
  • transitive verb To match one's self against; to oppose as equal; to compete with.
  • transitive verb To breed; to bring (animals) together for the purpose of breeding.
  • transitive verb To join together; to fit together; to connect; to link
  • noun (Chess) Same as checkmate.
  • intransitive verb To be or become a mate or mates, especially in sexual companionship


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Middle Low German gemate, mate, messmate.
Middle English, from Old French mat, checkmated, from Arabic māt, he has died; see checkmate.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English, from Middle Low German mate ("messmate") (replacing Middle English mette from Old English ġemetta ("sharer of food, table-guest")), derived from Proto-Germanic *gamatjô, itself from Proto-Germanic *ga- (“together”) (related to German and Dutch ge-) + Proto-Germanic *matjô (from Proto-Germanic *matiz (“food”)), related to Old English mete ("food")). More at co-, meat.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English verb maten, Middle French mater, from Old French noun mat ("checkmate"), from Persian شاه مات (šâh mât).


  • He is also, ex-officio, the wit of the crew; for the captain does not condescend to joke with the men, and the second mate no one cares for; so that when “the mate” thinks fit to entertain “the people” with a coarse joke or a little practical wit, every one feels bound to laugh.

    Chapter III. Ship’s Duties-Tropics

  • A bushman may have many mates in his roving, but there is always one his mate, "my mate;" and it is common to hear a bushman, who is, in every way, a true mate to the man he happens to be travelling with, speak of _his mate's mate_ -- "Jack's mate" -- who might be in Klondyke or South Africa.

    Children of the Bush

  • The R&B star gives propes to his label mate Kanye West ...

    MTV UK

  • Charles moved to Imperial Records in 1958; his label mate Domino registered a No. 6 pop single with "Walking to New Orleans" two years later.

  • He also speaks on his label mate Nicki Minaj and how she impresses him with her witty verses.

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  • He also speaks on his label mate Nicki Minaj defpenradio718. com 24 minutes ago - Drake speaks to HipHollywood about his debut album Thank Me Later.

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  • I'll not be so absurd as to say that the mate is afraid of those gangsters.


  • Yerba mate is a stimulant that appears to slow gastrointestinal transit time, leading to a persistent sense of fullness and decreased food intake, as well as having caffeine-like inhibitory affects on appetite.

    The Pink Patch - Irresponsible Advertising on My Space

  • Well, as long as my mate is a changeling, I don't care what I am.

    Psy/Changeling Release Date Change

  • The search for a mate is a quest for an understanding soul clothed in a body beautiful, but unlike our own.

    Married Love: or, Love in Marriage


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  • I'm very wary of uppercase beverages.

    August 16, 2008

  • As far as my Buenos Aires list is concerned, this refers to a bitter, tea-like drink, popular in Argentina and some provinces of Brazil.

    The link below shows exceptionally rare documentary evidence of the endangered Irish silver fox photographed while sampling MATE for the very first time

    el zorrito de plata probando MATE por primera vez

    August 16, 2008