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  • n. The letter t.
  • n. Something shaped like a T.
  • n. Sports & Games A mark aimed at in certain games, such as curling or quoits.
  • idiom to a tee Perfectly; exactly: a plan that suits me to a tee.
  • n. A small peg with a concave top for holding a golf ball for an initial drive.
  • n. The designated area of each golf hole from which a player makes his or her first stroke.
  • n. A device used to stand a football on end for a kickoff.
  • n. A shaft with a concave top attached to a flat base, used to hold the ball in T-ball.
  • transitive v. To place (a ball) on a tee. Often used with up.
  • tee off To drive a golf ball from the tee.
  • tee off Slang To start or begin: They teed off the fundraising campaign with a dinner.
  • tee off Slang To make angry or disgusted: The impertinent remarks teed the speaker off.

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  • n. The name of the Latin script letter T/t.
  • n. Something shaped like the letter T. Found in compounds such as tee-shirt, tee-beam, tee-frame, tee-iron, tee-headed.
  • n. T-shirt
  • n. A flat area of ground from which players hit their first shots on a golf hole.
  • n. A usually wooden or plastic peg from which a golf ball is hit on the first shot on a golf hole.
  • n. The target area of a curling rink
  • v. To place a ball on a tee
  • v. To draw; lead.
  • v. To draw away; go; proceed.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. The mark aimed at in curling and in quoits.
  • n. The nodule of earth, or a short peg stuck into the ground, from which the ball is struck at the beginning of play for each hole in golf.
  • n. A short piece of pipe having a lateral outlet, used to connect a line of pipe with a pipe at a right angle with the line; -- so called because it resembles the letter t in shape.
  • n. The letter T, t; also, something shaped like, or resembling in form, the letter T.
  • transitive v. To place (the ball) on a tee; also called to tee up.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In naval tactics, to manœuver (a fleet) so as to place it across the head of the enemy's column of vessels, thus enabling the guns to be concentrated on the leading vessels of the enemy, who cannot reply effectively.
  • To draw; lead.
  • To draw away; go; proceed.
  • A dialectal form of tie.
  • In golf-playing, to place (a ball) on the tee preparatory to striking off.
  • n.
  • n. A method of making baskets applied by some California Indians; a twined lattice weave. consisting of four elements — an upright warp of rods, a horizontal warp crossing these at right angles, and a regular plain twin/id weaving of two elements, holding the warps firmly together. The horizontal warp is on the outside of the basket.
  • n. A mark toward which missiles, as balls, quoits, or curling-stones, are aimed in different games.
  • n. In the game of golf, the sand or earth on which the ball is very slightly raised at the beginning of play for each hole. See the quotation under tee, verb
  • n. The name of the letter T, or t.
  • n. Something having the shape of the letter T.
  • n. An umbrella-shaped metallic ornament, usually gilded, and often hung with bells, which crowns a dagoba in Indo-Chinese countries. It represents the gold umbrella as an emblem of royalty.

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  • v. connect with a tee
  • n. the starting place for each hole on a golf course
  • v. place on a tee
  • n. support holding a football on end and above the ground preparatory to the kickoff
  • n. a short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground


Back-formation from obsolete Scots teaz (taken as a pl.)
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From Middle English, from Old English te, from Latin te (the name of the letter T). (Wiktionary)
From Middle English teen, from Old English tēon ("to pull, tug, draw, drag, entice, allure, induce, lead, bring, rear, educate, attract, arrogate, bring forth, produce, restrain, betake oneself to, go, roam"), from Proto-Germanic *teuhanan (“to draw, lead, bring, pull, help”), from Proto-Indo-European *dewk- (“to pull, lead”). Cognate with Eastern Frisian tja ("to pull, draw"), Low German teen ("to draw, pull"), German ziehen ("to draw, pull, drag"), Latin dūcō ("draw, pull, lead") and Albanian nduk ("to draw (out), pull up, pluck"). (Wiktionary)
First attested in the 17th century with the form teaz. (Wiktionary)



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  • 1673 Wedderburn's Vocab. 37, 38 (Jam.) Statumina thilam arena, Teaz your ball on the sand.

    July 17, 2008