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  • n. The quality or state of cohering, especially a logical, orderly, and aesthetically consistent relationship of parts.
  • n. Physics The property of being coherent, as of waves.

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  • n. Quality of cohering; of being coherent; internal consistency.
  • n. a logical arrangements of parts
  • n. the property of having the same wavelength and phase.
  • n. Semantic relationship between different parts of the same text.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A sticking or cleaving together; union of parts of the same body; cohesion.
  • n. Connection or dependence, proceeding from the subordination of the parts of a thing to one principle or purpose, as in the parts of a discourse, or of a system of philosophy; a logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts; consecutiveness.
  • n. the state of cohering.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The act or state of cohering; a sticking or cleaving of one thing to another, or of parts of the same body to each other, or a cleaving together of two bodies, as by the force of attraction.
  • n. Suitable connection or dependence, proceeding from the natural relation of parts or things to each other, as in the parts of a discourse or of any system; consistency.
  • n. In mathematics See adherence, 6.

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  • n. the state of cohering or sticking together
  • n. logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle French coherence, from Latin cohaerentia.


  • I think the total lack of coherence from the administartion shows that Bush is right.

    Bush on Obama: 'This guy has no clue'

  • Kevin Starr said, “You would need a coherent political culture for such a session to occur” — and the lack of such coherence is exactly the problem — “otherwise it would turn into a food fight from Animal House.”

    How America Can Rise Again

  • That our society has an interest in coherence and strength and commitment and mutually reinforcing loyalties, then if gay couples want to call their union marriage and a state agrees, and several have now, or a religious body will sanction it - and I don't think the state should be able to stop the religious bodies from saying it - I don't think the rest of us should get in the way of that.


  • But still: I like a coherent narrative thread, and so far as coherence is possible in personal narratives, why not pursue it?

    The Story’s The Thing | Her Bad Mother

  • Many of the books are a little slow to start and occasionally the story is a bit lacking in coherence, but those are just minor annoyances.

    March Reading List « Inane Bits

  • I suspect that desire for respect is as genetically hard-wired into us as the ostracism of outsiders; the tribe needs to maintain coherence, but the outsider needs to get closer to the fire.

    MIND MELD: What You Should Know About Speculative Fiction and Mainstream Acceptance (Part 1)

  • Self-coherence is the key quality by which Clute distinguishes fantasy from the fantastic, projecting the notion of story onto that of narrative.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • BUT if cultural coherence is the problem then this is obviously true ....

    Our Changing Bus

  • Its coherence is evident; it is too lovely and lucid to be frustrating or dull.

    GreenCine Daily: Syndromes and a Century.

  • Expecting any coherence from the tinfoil hat wearing brigade is a waste of time.

    STOP PRESS: Lamb Rules Himself Out


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