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  • adj. Firmly established; deep-seated: ingrained prejudice; the ingrained habits of a lifetime.
  • adj. Worked deeply into the texture or fiber: a carpet disfigured by ingrained dirt.

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  • adj. Being an element; present in the essence of a thing
  • adj. Fixed, established
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of ingrain.

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  • adj. (used especially of ideas or principles) deeply rooted; firmly fixed or held


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ingrain +‎ -ed


  • I've always wondered if there is something genetically inherent in a redhead to be like this, or whether it's a habit ingrained from a lifetime of people just expecting that one will pop off at any given moment.

    Bertie Wooster on the mischief-making talents of a certain redhead

  • Since France is an old country, with a certain ingrained skepticism toward change, necessary reforms take more time to be accepted.

    On the Eve of Presidential Elections: France's Major Challenges

  • So firmly ingrained is the combat mentality that neither party believes the opposing candidate is capable of "winning" the election — only that its own candidate or campaign is capable of losing it.

    After the Fall

  • I stooped down and picked up the paper and would you believe it – so ingrained is my Parisian sense of comme il faut – I murmured "pardon" before I read it.

    Bliss, and Other Stories

  • But football comes with a warning label ingrained in every parent's worrisome mind. -

  • It’s something I had ingrained from a really young age as my grandmother had a fantastic sense of the ridiculous which she passed on to my mother and my aunt as well as to me.

    Writing, Grief, and Stress at SF Novelists

  • Such assumptions are ingrained, which is why I advised Republicans not to hold their collective breath “courting the black vote.”

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • But it was a somewhat difficult task to overcome Karl's misgivings about himself, owing to the idea ingrained in his mind that he never could become a practical musician.

    My Life — Volume 2

  • Alcatraz is a term deeply ingrained in our cultural consciousness as a source of mystery and curiosity, so it seems fitting that J.J. Abrams and...

    The Full Feed from

  • There was always the idea ingrained in you by the Sisters of St. Joseph, by the parochial schools, that you mustn't get too big for your britches . . . Top Stories


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